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Ellie Karas

Web Design & Development / Icon Design
Project Overview
Ellie is a crystal healer based in Canada. She provides distance healing sessions and needed a website that represents the quality of her services and where clients could book themselves for sessions.
My Contributions
I have designed and developed her website with Webflow, integrated Calendly for online bookings, designed custom chakra icons, and used micro animations and interactions on the website.
Ellie Karas's benefit section presented on a 15" Macbook,
More About The Project
Chakra Icons and Colours
Apr 2014 - Mar 2015
The first step in designing Ellie's website was understanding her business and customers. Fortunately, Ellie came prepared and already had an ideal customer avatar (ICA). So after we discussed her goals with her business and website and I learned more about her services we were good to go.

I knew early in the process that the use of geometric elements would be appropriate because of how they resemble the sharp edges of the crystals. I learned a lot about crystal healing from Ellie and other resources. Chakras play a big part in crystal healing so I created simple geometric icons for every chakra and used them to tell apart sections on the website.

In terms of colours, I decided to create a harmonious gradient that includes pink, blue, and purple. These colours represent serenity, calmness, peace, magic, harmony, and inner peace. These are the feelings that Ellie's clients look for and can be achieved with a crystal healing session.
Ellie Karas's architecture diagram printed on an A4 size paper.Custom chakra icons printed on an A4 size paper.
More About The Project
Website Design & Development
Apr 2014 - Mar 2015
I created an architecture diagram that served as the blueprint of the website. Here, we could see how different pages relate to each other and the content we wanted to see on each page. Then we worked on the wireframes where we saw the layout of each page. Based on the wireframes, I produced a design that represents Ellie's business and satisfies the needs of her ICA.

After Ellie approved the design, I went to Webflow and developed the website, added the booking system and some interactions and animations. We tested the website and, when everything was working fine, I published it.

(At the moment, Ellie is not available for new clients.)
Ellie Karas's services section presented on a 15" Macbook,
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