Omni Claim

OmniClaim simplifies housing claims with a dynamic single-page Webflow site, vibrant brand identity, a Typeform integration. It bridges communication gaps seamlessly for effective assistance.


Typeform API

Brand Identity Design


Addressing the Need

OmniClaim required a concise yet effective one-pager landing page, facilitating communication with individuals seeking assistance with their housing disrepair claims.

The Journey

Crafting a Brand Identity

The creative team at Ubiquity provided the initial colour palette and logo concepts. To enhance the identity's versatility, I expanded the colour palette with additional shades, lending depth to the web design. Perceiving room for added character, I introduced bespoke graphics. These graphics not only infused personality into the design but also harmonised seamlessly with images, offering a bespoke touch. The expanded colour spectrum, in conjunction with the graphics and my chosen typeface, transformed the brand identity into a dynamic and captivating representation.

Structuring the Website

OmniClaim's vision encompassed a single-page site, with a plan for future expansion. Leveraging insights into their business, I devised a comprehensive site map, encompassing pages for potential future growth. While advocating for immediate inclusion of these additional pages for enhanced credibility, OmniClaim opted to commence with the single-page format. The site map outlined the thematic content for each section and the interconnectedness between pages.

From Wireframes to Design

With approval of the brand identity design and site map, I transitioned to crafting wireframes. These wireframes fine-tuned the page structure and refined the content placement within each section.

The Art of Design

Upon wireframe approval, I seamlessly merged the brand identity design and wireframes into a polished design for the home page. A few minor refinements later, the design was primed for development.

Webflow Development and Typeform Integration

I chose Webflow for building the website, capitalising on its user-friendly CMS that enables clients to make content updates with ease. To tackle a specific challenge, I integrated a Typeform webhook for messaging. Despite Typeform's inherent limitation of sending emails from a fixed Typeform address, I devised a creative solution.

Leveraging Typeform's API and webhooks, I developed a streamlined application using Next JS and Resend. This application responded to form submissions, sending confirmation emails from OmniClaim email addresses. Hosting this solution on Vercel, via their GitHub integration, ensured a seamless email experience for OmniClaim's users.

OmniClaim now stands ready to offer support and assistance with housing disrepair claims, with a dynamic web presence that embodies their identity and serves as a bridge for communication.

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