Swift website development and a distinctive brand identity marked Project-XV's digital success. The Webflow-powered home page resulted in increased client requests defining a thriving digital presence.


Brand Identity Design


Meeting the Requirements

Project-XV sought a comprehensive online presence to meet a multitude of needs, from showcasing case studies and marketing content to amplifying social proof through case studies, a logo row, and testimonials. The website was also intended to provide insights into their services and offerings and offer an easily accessible communication channel. Additionally, a distinctive brand identity design was on their wishlist.

The Journey Unveiled

Launchpad Website

With an urgency to establish a digital footprint, Project-XV required a website within a week to present their work, services, and a platform for inquiries. Recognising the time constraint, I proposed the creation of a launchpad website – a one-page solution encapsulating key information and a contact form for user engagement.

Despite the rapid turnaround, it was essential for the launchpad website to be professional and visually appealing, setting the foundation for the final polished version. Gathering the desired website content and features, I swiftly crafted the design. The following day, the design was met with enthusiasm.

By the day after, I had developed the website, integrated basic SEO and analytics, connected the domain, and published the website, ensuring an expedited online presence.

Crafting a Distinctive Identity

In tandem with the website development, Project-XV expressed the need for a brand identity design. Inspired by the visual language of the launchpad website, I extended the colour palette for greater versatility. The selection of a typeface, aligning with the contemporary style of their interior design work, was pivotal. I collaborated with the creative team at Ubiquity to design a logo and introduce supplementary graphics derived from the logo. These graphics enriched the identity and demonstrated their potential in various marketing collateral, lending a distinctive and consistent visual identity.

Wireframes and Content Ideation

With a successful brand identity design, I proceeded to create wireframes for the website, crafting ideas and introducing basic copy for each page.

Home Page

The home page emerged as a focal point. I recommended incorporating a value proposition in the hero section, succinctly conveying Project-XV's offerings, target audience, and the value they bring. A logo row was introduced to enhance social proof, followed by the articulation of benefits to engage potential clients. Featured projects further bolstered credibility. The streamlined process, strategically placed after the featured work, provided insights into what clients could expect and demonstrated Project-XV's organisational prowess. To facilitate interaction, I suggested concluding the page with a contact form, positioned just after testimonials for additional social proof.

Design and Development

Building on the approved wireframes, we refined the layout and copy, adhering to the established visual language. After necessary adjustments, development commenced. The choice of Webflow as the CMS and platform was driven by its user-friendly content management system, ensuring that non-technical users could effortlessly edit and update both static and dynamic content.

To elevate the website's dynamism, I incorporated micro-animations, introduced vital SEO configurations, set up Google Analytics, and provided Project-XV with the know-how to add content and make changes via the CMS.

Publication and Outcomes

With Project-XV's satisfaction, the website was published. The results spoke for themselves as potential clients flocked to the site from social media and other marketing endeavours. The website played a pivotal role in driving increased requests for new business.

Throughout the website, the graphics introduced earlier were seamlessly integrated into the design, heightening uniqueness and alignment with the brand identity.

Project-XV's digital presence, initiated by a launchpad website, blossomed into an engaging and successful platform, seamlessly balancing aesthetics and functionality to attract and engage a growing clientele.

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