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Your Pet Loves Reiki

Brand Identity Design / Web Design & Development
About YPLR
YPLR is a company that provides distant reiki healing services for pets. They want to see a world with healthier and happier pets. They are based in Los Angeles, California and work 100% online.
The Goal for The Project
To create a visual identity (style guide) that reflects the main qualities of YPLR. As in, fun and approachable but still professional and their love for pets. Then design a website based on the style guide and build it with Webflow.
Your Pet Loves Reiki's hero section presented on an Iphone.
Learning About Reiki
Apr 2014 - Mar 2015
Before I designed anything, I set out to acquire some more knowledge about reiki healing and its effects on pets. I did this to make sure that anything I design can appropriately represent YPLR.

I learned about the roots of reiki, the process, and what it takes to become a reiki practitioner and master. I asked Fernanda (Fernanda Sarmento, CEO of YPLR) about reiki and how they work at YPLR and read numerous articles and researches.
Front and back cover of Your Pet Loves Reiki's brand book.YPLR's mission statement in their brand book.
Colours and Typography:
Apr 2014 - Mar 2015
We agreed with Fernanda that a chic and modern look would be appropriate for the company.
The three primary colours of YPLR are Dogwood Rose (fun and playful), White and Space Cadet (credible and professional). 

For the typefaces, I chose Poppins for headings which is an elegant, clean typeface and Nunito for body copy which, with its rounded strokes conveys a more friendly look.

Colour palette: bright pink, white, vibrant pink, Tiffany Blue and dark blue.Demonstrating typography in action.
Reinforcing Brand Identity
Apr 2014 - Mar 2015
In order to achieve a strong identity I derived elements from and created patterns out of the logo. These shapes and patterns can be used in marketing collateral and apparel.
Marketing collateral.Branded tote bag.Branded polo shirt.
More About The Project
Apr 2014 - Mar 2015
After finalising the branding, we started working on the website. We dived into YPLR's business objectives and its customers' needs. We discussed the content requirements and technical features that we needed for the website. Based on this, I created an architectural diagram (site map, the blueprint of the website) that helped to produce the wireframes for the pages. Then by following the style guide I created the design of the website.

Once the design was approved, I went to Webflow and translated it to a functioning website and gave Fernanda training on how she can maintain the CMS (content management system for the blog) and make quick changes in the content of the website.

For the website, I also designed a 23 pages long PDF document (4 Ways to Balance your Pet's Energy) that visitors can download when they sign up for YPLR's newsletter,
YPLR's opt-in PDF offer printed out.Visit Website
The Outcome
Apr 2014 - Mar 2015
Fernanda and the YPLR team were very happy with the results and think that the visual identity of YPLR effectively communicates their values and love for pets.

They are truly passionate about what they do and this is the main reason I enjoyed working with them so much. The amount of love that they have for pets is incredible. Read Fernanda's testimonial here.
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