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Yves Saint Laurent

Website Redesign Concept / Prototype
About The Client
Saint Laurent is a French luxury fashion brand that operates worldwide. The brand focuses on serving consumers who are fashion-conscious, strong-minded and independent. They recapture the impulses of youth, freedom and modernity.
The Goal for The Project
To improve the user experience on the home page of their website. I noticed that the company could utilise their homepage more by adding sections that can help people finding their way around.
Video demo of YSL's mobile website.
Improving Mobile Experience and Accessibility
Apr 2014 - Mar 2015
I love YSL. When I first visited their website I was surprised that the home page only consisted of a featured section and a footer followed by a large empty space.

I took initiative and started thinking about what's missing from the home page, how I could fill up that empty space in a way that is both beneficial to the company and satisfies its customers' needs.

The store locator feature could be more prominent (especially on mobile devices) to make it easier for people to find the nearest store. Also when I looked at other similar fashion brands' home pages I noticed it is a common practice to have some sections about collections and featured items. They can help visitors in navigation and browsing clothes.

A prominent call to action button was also something that was missing from the home page. And whenever the website loads after a few seconds a window pops up asking us to subscribe to their newsletter. According to Google guidelines for accessible websites "This can frustrate users because they are unable to easily access the content that they were expecting when they tapped on the search result."
Shop women menu open on a Macbook Pro.
Apr 2014 - Mar 2015
When it was clear what needs to be changed, I took my sketchbook and jotted down some ideas. I added three additional sections to the home page (Women, Men, Store Locator) and created a more categorized and cleaner navigation. Instead of the distracting pop-up window, I added a more subtle narrow strip that runs on the top of the page with the opt-in offer until the user closes it.

Once I had a few solutions to each problem, I took my sketches and created the wireframes for the home page. After this, I designed the UI and created a functioning prototype with Adobe XD to test my ideas in action.
My first sketches of the wireframes.Prototyping process in Adobe XD.Opt-in strip presented on an Iphone.
The Outcome
Apr 2014 - Mar 2015
With these changes, it would be easier and less frustrating for people to navigate the website. The company would also be looking to increase in-store sales thanks to a more prominent store locator.
Current hero section of YSL.Hero section redesign on a Macbook Pro.